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If you would like to travel with your pet from Dublin Airport to the rest of the world, then you have come to the right place. Here is some useful information that you will need to consider before you jump on that flight.


Pet documentation needed

When it comes to travel you will need to make sure that your pet has the following documentation to ensure a hassle free trip. All airlines expect similar documentation.

  • Up to date vaccination records
  • A pet passport
  • Microchip (Some airlines don’t ask for this, but it is better to have in case your pet gets lost.)
  • A health certificate from a veterinarian. 


Call the airline beforehand

Contacting the airline beforehand is imperative. This will ensure that your pet has a booked spot. Airlines become fully booked very quickly, so calling in advance is a good idea to avoid disappointment. It’s also important to note that some airlines only allow guide dogs on board, and others have different rules and regulations with regards to pet travel. Calling beforehand ensures that you follow all the correct procedures for your pet.


Follow these guidelines for a great flight


For your pet to have a safe and stress free flight, you will need to make sure of the following:


  • Your pets crate needs to be big enough so that they can lie down and move around freely. 


  • The crate also needs to be well ventilated, secure and leak-proof
  • You will need to see if your pet is allowed to travel in the cabin with you or in the cargo hold. Smaller teacup size pets are sometimes allowed to travel in the cabin with their owners, whereas bigger pets will have to travel in the cargo hold.


  • Where your pet travels will depend on their weight, size and whether or not they are  special assist animals, such as guide dogs. 


  • Traveling can be stressful for your pet, so always make sure that they are comfortable. Have a favourite toy or blanket handy for them to travel with. You can also ask your vet if there is anything you can give your dog to keep them calm during the flight. 


Remember if you have any queries always contact the airline ahead of time. They will gladly assist you with any questions, to ensure that you and your pet have a safe and stress free flight. 



Traveling into Ireland with your pet isn’t too complicated luckily. The rules change depending on your needs. For example, if you are just going on holiday with your pet, or if you are choosing to move to Ireland, the regulations might differ slightly. Depending on which country you are coming from and what type of pet you have will also affect which rules you need to abide by.


Regulations regarding pet travel into Ireland.

All pets will need to have original paperwork with them. Copies will not be accepted. You will have to arrive with your pet in Ireland. Someone else can also accompany your pet. You can also arrive 5 days before your pet arrives, or 5 days after. You will only be allowed to bring a maximum of 5 pets into Ireland. 

These rules need to be abided by no matter which country you are coming from. 


Pet travel out of Ireland

If you want to go on holiday or relocate out of Ireland then you will need to do the following:

  • Contact the country you are visiting to find out what requirements you will need to meet.
  • Contact the Regional Veteneray Office, at least 2 months before you travel for the right vaccines, and health checks. Documentation will need to be certified by Department officials.
  • Advance planning is imperative. Always allow for enough time before you travel, so that the right tests can be done in advance.
  • Make sure that your pet qualifies to return to Ireland. 


Always contact your Regional Veterinary Office at least 2 months prior to travel to ensure that all the requirements have been met. This will ensure that the Department will give you all the required documentation needed for pet travel



Because of Brexit some rules and regulations will change with regards to pet travel between Ireland and the UK. For more information please click here.

Traveling with your pet in and out of Ireland isn’t hard, but for a smooth trip always prepare long in advance, to avoid disappointment. 

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Find The Best Rate Dog Transporters In Ireland

Shipping a dog isn’t just getting a carrier and paying the flight fee!  Your pet is more than a friend; he is a loved member of your family. When you need to transport your pet in a new country, get the best service available.   The best pet shipping service prepares your pet for transport and helps you get the best shipping rates.  You need help with the preparation to deliver safe and sound.

In the article, you’ll learn how to ship your pet in the best way possible.

How to ship a dog?

Create a dog shipping list

We make the list up of your dog’s information, which includes breed, name, and special needs.  The data determine the best shipping method and procedure.  The list also comprises the time frame and if you need a kennel. As you create the listing, make it as detailed as possible to enable the transporter to offer the best care for your needs of safe shipping.

Find the Best Dog Transporter

After creating your list, the next step is finding a shipper. There is a robust, extensive network of professional pet transporters that you can leverage. You will receive competitive quotes; review the shipper’s profiles before accepting a quote.  Ask questions of the carriers to get a feel of what they offer as your dog needs the best. Be confident in choosing your dog transport services.

 Pet Transport and Delivery

Once you have chosen a dog shipping expert, contact the carrier with additional details, and raise concerns regarding dog’s transport. Ask questions; check out their reviews and referrals.  When comfortable with the service, set up the right meeting place for your dog pickup and delivery.

Cost of shipping a dog

How many does it cost to transport a dog?  The cost depends on the distance and the needs of the dog. On average, it will cost you €120 to €250 to ship a dog within 300 miles and more extended shipment costing €270 to €500.

Prepare Your Dog for Shipping

The dog needs a good kennel, bedding, food and water, medication regardless of the destination.  You will also need a health certificate from a licensed bet before the travel via car or air across the state or country.  Be sure to check out with your transporter on any additions your dog may need. Before the shipping, train your dog by taking crate transport and taking more rides in your car.  As you include emergency contact information to your carrier, add the following checklist.

Pet shipping checklist:

  • Travel kennel and bedding
  • Provision (food and water) ad medication
  • Records such as vaccination, health status, and breed certificates
  • Identification such as collar and microchip
  • Leash, collar and contact information attached


Shipping a puppy

Shipping a puppy differs from that of a grown pet.  The puppy must be at least ten weeks old in most countries.

Move with a dog

As soon as your migration plans actualize, start preparing your pet. Take your dog for a vet checkup and collect shots, certificates and other health records.  The next step involves learning the state/city per regulations for your destination and fulfills the set obligations.  Review your pet identification tags, paperwork, and any other documents needed to facilitate transfer to a new city or state.

The last step involves settling your pet once delivered to its new home. It will be hard to adjust to the change, where you can start by confining in a small area until he is ready to explore more.  The dog will need familiar objects in the house and people to help in settling. Have their natural bedding for a scent to remind the dog/puppy they are at home.


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Pet Transport Quote Request

Animal Transportation

Please complete the below request form and remember to ensure to include the species, breed, age, weight, size/measurements* and if you have an IATA approved Pet Carrier box the external dimensions: Length, Width and Height, of each carrier to be shipped