Traveling into Ireland with your pet isn’t too complicated luckily. The rules change depending on your needs. For example, if you are just going on holiday with your pet, or if you are choosing to move to Ireland, the regulations might differ slightly. Depending on which country you are coming from and what type of pet you have will also affect which rules you need to abide by.


Regulations regarding pet travel into Ireland.

All pets will need to have original paperwork with them. Copies will not be accepted. You will have to arrive with your pet in Ireland. Someone else can also accompany your pet. You can also arrive 5 days before your pet arrives, or 5 days after. You will only be allowed to bring a maximum of 5 pets into Ireland. 

These rules need to be abided by no matter which country you are coming from. 


Pet travel out of Ireland

If you want to go on holiday or relocate out of Ireland then you will need to do the following:

  • Contact the country you are visiting to find out what requirements you will need to meet.
  • Contact the Regional Veteneray Office, at least 2 months before you travel for the right vaccines, and health checks. Documentation will need to be certified by Department officials.
  • Advance planning is imperative. Always allow for enough time before you travel, so that the right tests can be done in advance.
  • Make sure that your pet qualifies to return to Ireland. 


Always contact your Regional Veterinary Office at least 2 months prior to travel to ensure that all the requirements have been met. This will ensure that the Department will give you all the required documentation needed for pet travel



Because of Brexit some rules and regulations will change with regards to pet travel between Ireland and the UK. For more information please click here.

Traveling with your pet in and out of Ireland isn’t hard, but for a smooth trip always prepare long in advance, to avoid disappointment. 

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