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Switzerland is a beautiful country located in central Europe and it is characterised by its mountainous landscape that boasts plenty of mountains, rivers and lakes. Its financial and banking sectors are world famous, making the country an Economic powerhouse and it’s cheese and chocolate or not bad either.

If you are moving to Switzerland for work, a new way of life or just going on holidays, your pets should be able to travel too once a few conditions are met.

For transporting pets, you need to have the pet passport just like with any other country and this entails the following:

Step 1 – Your dog or cat needs a microchip.

Step 2 – They then need a rabies vaccination. They must be at least 3 months old before they have this. Some rabies vaccines in the UK last for 3 years and others will last for 3 years but need a top up after one year, so you need to know when the vaccine expires.

Step 3 – Your vet issues you with a pet passport and 21 days after the initial vaccination, your pet can travel to Europe and back again.

Step 4 – If your pet is travelling by plane, then the airlines demand that they are checked within 5 days of the flight to ensure that they are fit and healthy.

All European countries accept the pet passport and Switzerland is no different. Once you have the pet passport, all you will need is to contact a quality Pet Transport company to complete your move.

Our sister company Get Cracking Removals also provides a weekly removals service to Switzerland to suit your needs.

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