3 Ways To Keep Your Pets Entertained on A Road Trip

Keeping young children busy on a long road trip is one thing, but if you throw pets into the mix, then it’s a whole other ball game. If you are planning a road trip, then follow these points on how to keep your furry family members busy whilst in the car.


1. Get some new toys and treats

Nothing keeps a pet busier than a new toy or a treat. There are many toys that you can buy from your local pet store that are made to stimulate your animals. Dog puzzles toys are a great way to make sure your dog is content on a long journey. They could spend hours trying to get the treats out. 

Remember having a new toy is exciting! So take some old toys along, but be sure to buy some new ones too. 


If you are travelling with a cat, try putting some catnip in their carrier. This might be soothing for them. If you have other family member travelling with you, then they could keep your cat entertained with toys while you drive. 


2. Try teaching new tricks

This might seem a bit difficult if your driving, but once again if you have someone driving with you, you could try to teach your dog some new tricks. You could teach them to balance a treat on their nose before eating it or leave a toy before picking it up again. This will stimulate their minds and can be fun for you too. 


3. Take regular breaks

No one should be cooped up in a car for hours on end. Try to take regular breaks. Let your pets roam around while you hold their leash. Take them for potty breaks, and let them explore their new surroundings for a little while. You might even be lucky enough to find a restaurant to stop by for lunch, that allows pets. 


Taking your pet on a road trip can be a challenge but also fun! With the right amount of planning your pet will be entertained, and enjoy the car ride, just as much as you.

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