5 steps to consider when travelling to Spain with your dog.

Spain is a popular travel destination for many. And this is no wonder! Beautiful white sand beaches, azure water, delicious food and sunny skies, is a dream for any holidaymaker. Whether you would like to go for a quick vacation or a bit of a longer stay, you might wonder if your dog can come along. The good news is, yes! Your beloved pooch can join you on your holiday escapades to Spain. Follow this easy step by step guide to find out how.

Step 1: See your vet

Before you decide to travel with your dog, always consult your vet first. Your dog will need to be microchipped, if not already and vaccinated against Rabies. Before you travel though, the Rabies vaccine will need to be done at least 21 days prior to your departure. 

Ask your vet if your dog will need any other vaccines to keep them safe before going to Spain. Leishmania, for example, is a parasitic disease that can be deadly for dogs, and it’s prevalent during the summertime months in Spain. There are a few options available to protect your dog, so ask your vet which will be the best.

Step 2: Plan Plan Plan

Careful planning is needed to make your holiday with your dog a success. Carefully research how to travel with your pet to Spain. For example, can you get a cheap flight? Which airlines allow for pet travel? How much will it cost? Or will you drive to Spain? If you are in the UK you could take a ferry. Depending on where you are in Europe your options will differ.

Some flights might even allow you to take your dog within cabin. 

Carefully consider all your options, and do the necessary research in order to avoid disappointment.


Another important thing to do is to find pet-friendly hotels. Always call the hotel to find out what they offer and their prices. 

Step 3: Look for pet-friendly beaches

Most beaches in Spain are not pet-friendly during the summer months. So to avoid any unnecessary hassle, always look for pet-friendly beaches. You can find out from local officials which beaches are pet friendly. 


Step 4: Be prepared to eat outside

Many restaurants in Spain do not allow you to enter with your dog. You will have to be prepared to eat outside the restaurant if your pet pooch is in tow. Some areas in Spain might be easier going but always ask first. 

Step 5: Consider how to travel once in Spain

If you have flown to Spain, you might want to hire a car, especially if you have a bigger dog. For smaller dogs, you could take them with you on public transport. For longer distances though, in busses, this might not be an option. Always check first.


Have fun!

Spain is a great holiday destination for pet owners! Always remember to plan accordingly and do the research for a fun and exciting trip!


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