Travelling With A Nervous Pet – The Complete Guide

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Do you need to relocate? Are you worried about your nervous pet? Some pets are more nervous than others, and that’s okay because each pet has their own unique personality. Some are confident and hilarious, while others might be nervous and reserved. If your pet is the latter, how can you make their trip stress free? Whether you need to get on a plane, or even drive a few hours to your destination, follow these tips for smooth travel.

Before we begin with the tips and tricks to help your pet, you will need to be able to recognize signs of distress. The following could indicate that your pet is stressed out.

  • Yawning
  • Licking
  • Crying
  • Shivering
  • Pacing


If your dog or cat seems to be doing the above excessively, this means that they are most probably stressed out. What can you do?


Chat to your vet

A vet is one of the best people to ask for travel advice. Your vet has experience with all types of animals and it an expert. Besides that, if you have an extremely nervous pet, they might be able to offer your best friend something to calm them, such as a mild sedative. There are a few great calming sedatives, which are natural. These pose no harm to your pet and will help them to cope with the trip. 


Take your pets favorite toy along

A comfort object can do wonders for your pet. Whether its a teddy bear, a special ball, or a favorite chew toy or blanket. Whenever you go on your travels, take your pet’s special comfort item along. This will help your pet have a positive association with traveling.



Start your pets travels from young

Experts suggest traveling with your pet from a young age. It will be preferable to travel with your pet before 12 weeks of age. This is because your puppies socialization window will still be open before 12 weeks. This will allow your dog or cat to get used to traveling, whether its by air or car. Making them less nervous when you travel.


Don’t rush

If you are going to travel by plane, make sure to arrive early. If you are on time, and not stressed out, your pet will also be calm. An animal can sense when their owners feel stressed. If you are calm, your pet will be calm too. Talk to your pet in a calm and positive voice. Dogs especially can pick up negative vibes from their owners.


Crate train

Before you begin your travel, be sure to crate train your pet. This will ensure that your furry friend, is used to the idea of being in a crate or carrier. Allow your dog or cat to get used to his crate or carrier before your trip. Let them explore it without being forced inside. You could put their favorite blanket or toy in the crate too. This will allow your pet to have a positive association with their crate, so when they travel, they will feel safe.



Give Aromatherapy a try

Aromatherapy is really beneficial. Lavender is known to induce a feeling of calm. Before you travel try let your dog get used to the scent. Whenever they are playing, eating or relaxing, place some lavender oil in your hands, and rub your pet. This will let them get used to the smell and associate the scent with fun and calming activities. This will reduce your pet’s anxiety. So when you travel, put some lavender oil on your hands, rub your pet before you go, or place some lavender oil on their teddy or blanket. This will help your nervous pet relax and stay calm.


Be ready for your security check

If you are going to fly, tell the TSA agent that you have a nervous pet, who isn’t comfortable with strangers. Their crate will go through the x-ray machine. You might need to hold your cat or dog. If someone approaches to touch an anxious pet they might get a nasty scratch or a bite. By being prepared and by preparing others, you can be sure that your travels with your anxious pet will run smoothly. 


So remember…

When it comes to helping your anxious fur babies, follow the above tips. If your pup or cat is really stressed a mild sedative can help calm them. But by being prepared, and with a little bit of training and patience, your nervous pets will be calm throughout your travels.

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