8 Tips On How To Travel With Your Dog

Are you thinking of taking a holiday? Perhaps a road trip through Ireland, or a flight to Greece. The only problem is, you have no one to look after your beloved furry friend. But what if you were told that you could take your dog along with you on your trip? What could be better? Not only will your dog love you for taking them along, but you will have your best friend enjoying with you on each and every adventure. With this being said, traveling with a pet can pose some challenges. But with some research and planning, you can enjoy a wonderful stress-free holiday with your dog in tow. Keep reading for 10 tips on how to travel with your dog.


Did you know that an estimated 80 million households in Europe own a pet? 24% of that number are dog owners. And another estimation done by The International Pet and Travel Association shows that more than 4 million animals are transported by plane annually. 

This shows that many people travel with their pets. And because there is a greater demand for pet travel, it has become much easier to travel with your dog, than it was a few years ago.



Make copies of all pet-related documents


What does this mean? If you would like to travel internationally with your dog or cross the border, you will need copies of your dog’s vaccination records. This will prove that your dog is healthy and that his vaccines are up to date. Another good reason for keeping these documents on hand is because if your dog does get sick, whilst on holiday, the vet you see will know their health history. Make a few copies. Officials might ask to keep the documentation, and you will need records for yourself on hand too.



Check Airline pet policies


Before you decide to travel abroad with your pet pooch, triple check airline pet policies. Every airline has different rules, so make 100% sure that your airline is happy with your and your pet traveling on board with them. It would be wise to have a look at their website, call them, as well as send them an email, just in case. Pet policies also tend to change constantly, so before your flight, perhaps the same week as your flight, call the airline to make sure everything is still in order. 


You might also be able to choose if your pet will fly with you in-cabin, in cargo, or in baggage. Be sure to understand what each means, and what the costs will be. Costs will vary depending on the size of your dog, and even the breed of your dog. There are a few dog-friendly airlines. Have a look online to find the best ones. 



Look for pet-friendly accommodation


Before you book your accommodation, make sure to find places that are pet friendly. Even if a hotel or bed and breakfast doesn’t mention anything about pets, you could always call to find out. Even if an establishment says that they are pet-friendly, their policies might have changed. Always call or email ahead to make sure, so that you will avoid disappointment. 

Another option would also be to call ahead if you would like to go to a specific restaurant or mall, to see what their policies are on pets. This can save you much frustration, as well as confusion.



Find a hotel that doesn’t charge extra fees


There are many hotels out there that won’t charge you extra for bringing along your pet. By looking at Airbnb.com, you will be able to find a few places that will offer pet accommodation without paying deposits or extra. The site is easy to use with pet-friendly filter options.

It’s interesting to note that some hotels charge between $10-$50 a day if you bring your pets along. This can get very costly over time. So if you can, and you would like to save money, try finding hotels that don’t charge extra. 


Some hotels that do this are : 

  • Motel 6 – This is if you are traveling across the USA
  • Red Roof Inn
  • Kimpton Hotels.



Research different countries rules and regulations


Before you book anything, research the countries rules and regulations when it comes to bringing your dog along. Some countries are very strict about which breeds are allowed to enter into their county. Pitbulls are often banned from many countries, as well as the South African Mastiff. There are other countries that would want your dog to be put into quarantine before you enter. This can very costly, as well as traumatic for your dog. So, check which countries are pet-travel friendly first, before you decide to go there. Some countries which are difficult to go to with your dog, for example, are Australia, Figi, and Japan. The easiest country to travel to with your dog, by far, is the European Union. But always check the rules and regulations first. 



Get a dog carrier


You might not get tired from hiking, but your dog might. If you do decide to explore beautiful scenery for a day, or go site seeing, be sure to take a doggie-carrier with. This is an awesome investment, that will allow you to carry your dog on your back if they get tired of walking. This could be especially true for dogs who aren’t so keen on strenuous exercises, such as pugs or bulldogs. There are many pet carriers on the market, so have a Google and see which one will suit you and your best friend the most.



Always take the essentials along


One of the most important things to do when traveling with your dog is to be prepared with all the needed essentials. Make sure your dog has a leash, water, dog food, some collapsable bowls, and plastic bags to pick up poop. Some countries have very strict policies about cleaning up after your dog. Other items you can take along can include your dogs bedding, toys, and treats. But most importantly your dog’s vaccination and health records will be needed. 



Make sure your dog is well trained


Lastly, a well-trained dog with good manners will make any trip a breeze. Teach your dog simple commands such as “sit” “stay” or “lie down”. If your dog is well trained they can also be left alone for an hour or two in your hotel, while you go out. People will also be happy to have you stay at their hotel or bed and breakfast if your pup is well behaved. 

Traveling with your dog can be an awesome experience. But making sure that you have planned everything accordingly, will ensure that your trip is stress-free and fun. You can be certain of many happy tail wags thanking you for coming along. 


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