Top Tips for Moving Overseas With a Pet

Are you planning to move abroad? Moving to an unfamiliar country takes a lot of preparation and planning. The hassle is even trickier if you are to bring your pet with you.  It forces some families to make hard decisions about their pets. Should you leave or bring your pet along?  At first, carry a pet with you to an unfamiliar country sound difficult.  Be prepared to work past so many details and paperwork. It sounds more comfortable to leave your pet back with friends or relatives.

Move with Your Pet Overseas.

You can move your pet with you overseas. Let’s agree with its complicated process, but the benefits are worth the hassle.  First, your pet needs you and depending on age and other factors, and it’s the pet’s best interest to come with you.

Second, bringing your pet in an unfamiliar country maintains the relationship as you offer the best care.  Third, it’s comforting to have a familiar face “friend” as you set into an alternative lifestyle.

On the downside, the process is expensive and stressful, but here are some basic guidelines to move your pet overseas.

What does your consulate say?

Countries differ regarding the move of pets. Most of the regulations often depend on your country of origin. Check with the consulate if you can bring your pet, where some states allow some breeds, while others don’t accept any at all.

Refer to your destination consulate for new requirements as you check on the country’s regulation.

How is the living environment abroad?

Find out if your destination community allows pets by calling a local.

  • Will your new apartment/house accept pets?
  • Are there pets vet facilities around?
  • Can you afford the animal care?
  • Are there kennels nearby?
  • How does the local community perceive pets?

Those are some questions you need to answer before setting on your journey abroad.

Set up a timeline

Moving a pet aboard requires a stringent sequence of medical tests; thus, you need to come up with a rigid timeline.  Each stage in the schedule is critical, and a misstep in the plan may cause headaches and extra costs.

Completion of the requirements to bring a pet abroad might take at least six months. You need rabies vaccinations and blood tests at various stages. Also, your pet may be subjected to quarantine on entry as you await the blood test.  Blood takes 180-days, so get them tested early enough.

Talk to Your Pet’s Vet

A visit to your vet is essential in preparing your pet for an overseas trip. Test your pet’s overall health and age and potential problems with moving abroad.  You might need a vet experienced with oversea pet travel. The vet may already be familiar with the procedure that lightens your burden, making sure you get them right.

Call your airline

Airlines have different reservations and regulations for traveling with a pet abroad. Call in advance and explain your case and concerns whole seeking clarification on the issue.  Know all the rules that might apply or change at some point, at original shops on the travel itinerary.

You need a pet carrier

Your vet might advise on getting the best pet carrier for an international flight.  You need a proper animal carrier approved by the International Air Transport Association.  Some airiness rent pet carrier, find the exact dimension required based on your pet species and size.  Expect to pay a considerable transport, handling and holding fees over your flight fees.

The entire process calls for a particular focus. As you kick, start the complicated process of expatriating your pet, follow the guide, and speak out on any confusing requirement to the expert for clarification.  Take your time to avoid any mistakes, make sure you are meeting the legal requirements consequence of even a small one can be costly and frustrating.  Happy moving your pet!

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