Can I Bring My Dog On Holidays

If you are going on holiday there is no need to put your dog in kennels. You can travel with your dog as long as you make sure you know the regulations and plan ahead.

All the information below applies only to pet dogs, not assistance dogs who can remain with their owner and do not fall under these regulations.



Within Ireland small dogs can be carried on trains free of charge. They should be kept on their leads at all times and should sit on their owner’s lap. Larger dogs can travel in the guard’s van.

There is normally a charge for this. As not all trains have a guard’s van, you might want to check before you travel. Also keep in mind that certain breeds need to be muzzled under the dangerous dogs act.



Your dog needs to be registered on the pet passport scheme. To get a pet passport you will need to show evidence that your dog is healthy and up to date with all its shots and worming treatment. Your vet can keep you right on the requirements and timescales.

Dogs are kept in kennels while sailing. But you can visit them and take them out for walks and toilet needs during the crossing. You need to book the kennel when you book your own tickets, and the cost varies depending on the size required.


Also remember to check if your dog is a restricted breed at your place of destination as the lists vary from one country to another.



Airline companies have different regulations so check before you book and make sure that you are happy with their policies.

Some allow small dogs in the cabin, but most will put them in a special heated area within the hold. Although you might prefer to have your dog close by, travelling in the hold can be less stressful. It will be quieter and darker than the cabin, so they are more likely to sleep on the flight.

Whether they are in the cabin or in the hold they will need a secure basket or crate with enough space to turn around normally and to stand, sit or lie in a natural position.

There is a lot to keep in mind when travelling with your dog. The secret of success lies in doing your research well in advance so that you are both ready for your adventure when the time comes.


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