3 Problems You May Face When Travelling With Pets

Pets become part of the family! Leaving them at home when your away could feel heartbreaking. Not only will they miss you, but you will surely miss them. If this is the case, you might consider taking them with you on holiday. If you decide to take your pets with you, you could face some difficulties whilst travelling with them. 

What are some of the problems that might arise when travelling with pets? 


  1. Not enough preparation can lead to disappointments

Travelling with a pet will need a lot of preparation and research. Therefore it is advisable to prepare for your trip early. Research the rules and regulations of of the country or place you are going to. Some countries require specific vaccinations, and other countries will not allow certain breeds entry. Be sure to have all the paperwork correctly done in advance. You wouldn’t want to be denied access into a country, or even worse have your pet stuck in quarantine for a few weeks. 


2. Not every place allows pets to stay over

Before booking a hotel, be sure that they allow pets to stay over. You will need to call in advance to make 100% sure that the hotel, restaurant or form of transport allows pets. 


3. The weather could cause problems

Certain airlines will not allow pets to travel if the weather is too hot or too cold. This could lead to cancelled flights or even delays. So if you are booking a holiday, try to book it when the weather is ideal for pet travel. Or if you are travelling in the heat of summer, rather book an evening flight.


Research and prepare

The most important thing that you can do before you travel with your pets is to do as much research as you possibly can or call an expert Pet Transport company. Call the airlines, call the hotels, and check the rules and regulations. If you do this, you will avoid many difficulties that could arise when travelling with pets. 



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