Is It Better To Move Pets By Boat Or By Airplane? 

If you’re asking this, it probably means that you are preparing for a big life change! This comes with important decisions – one of these is deciding how exactly to move your pets with you – by aeroplane or by boat? It depends on the kind of pet, budget, and destination. 


Moving Your Pet By Aeroplane

Moving your pet by aeroplane is a well-known way to transport them. There are many pet relocation services that specialize in this area and have a great service record. 

There are some risks with pet air travel – lost pets (especially with connecting flights), pets falling ill in the cargo hold, risks from extreme changes in temperature and pressure, and perhaps you don’t want to take that chance. 


Moving Your Pet By Boat

If budget and timing allow, consider moving your pet by boat. In general, you can choose between a cruise liner or a ferry. 

For Transatlantic crossings, the Queen Mary 2 liner offers a “Pets on Deck” program which is basically a luxury pet vacation – complete with pet-sitter, freshly baked biscuits, turn-down service, and exercise time. There’s a price tag to match, but, no judgment here…

The ferry option is better suited to shorter crossings. There are a number of ferry companies that service countries in the European area and each have their own requirements. Depending on the company, your pet may be allowed in your cabin, in a crate on deck only, in kennels, or inside your vehicle. Cat Ferries is one option in the US, but there are a few others too.


In Conclusion

If you want a happier pet, choose an option that limits time apart from them. If you choose to fly, try to have them in the cabin with you. If they must fly with cargo, avoid flights with connections, and make sure you and your pet are on the same flight. 

If you move by boat, try to share a cabin as well. Otherwise, crates on deck or kennels are good options too, with fewer environmental risks than flying. All the best! 


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