Can I Take My Dog to UK from Ireland?

Those traveling to the UK from Ireland are often worried whether they can take their pets with them.

Dogs are especially a topic of concern, as many dog owners avoid emigrating to other UK countries simply because they cannot leave their furry friends behind.

Another reason is because of the amount of red tape and the cost they perceive is involved in the process of taking their dogs with them to England, Scotland or Wales.

There is hope for those who want to take their dogs with from Ireland to another UK country. Here’s what you need to know.


New Laws Regarding Pet Passports

If you’re moving from Ireland to another EU or UK country, the law now states that you need more than just a pet passport to do so.

The EU and its respective country governments have become more strict concerning pets traveling abroad, and multiple requirements are necessary.

These requirements include:

  • Specific vaccinations
  • Pet age restrictions
  • Pet microchipping
  • Relevant certificates (depending on what the reason is for the traveling)

Let’s take each of these and dissect them more in-depth so that you have everything ready for taking your dog from Ireland to another UK country.


Vaccination Requirements


Rabies has been a problem for UK countries and this disease can be incredibly dangerous for humans.

Due to the fact that UK government must prevent harm befalling its residents, rabies shots is a strict requirement for any dog travelling abroad to those respective countries.



It’s also important to have your dog checked for tapeworm. Tapeworm is highly contagious to other animals, and must be contained or prevented.

Ask your vet to test for tapeworm, and to issue you a certificate stating that either no tapeworm was found, or that it has been treated.

Remember that if your dog was found to have a tapeworm, treatment can take 4 – 6 weeks, a period you will have to wait before taking your dog over with you.


Blood Tests And Immune Boosters

A certificate showing that your dog has undergone routine blood tests is also necessary.

Blood-related diseases can pose a threat to other animals, and this is a requirement to prevent any maladies.

Your vet should also issue you immune boosters so that your dog has an extra boost of health during the travelling process.


Animal Certificates and Other Requirements

Besides these routine health certificates, your dog MUST be microchipped before it can travel with you from Ireland to other UK countries.

Another rule to bear in mind is that any dog under 6 months old is simply not allowed to travel, so you may have to hold off on your plans if you’ve just acquired a new puppy.

A final requirement is to have a written registration letter stating the reason for taking your dog abroad. Possible reasons can include:

  • Dog show
  • Emigration
  • Routine visit

So in conclusion, yes; you can take your dog from Ireland to the UK, but make sure you have everything in place before you do.

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