How Much Does it Cost to Relocate a Dog In Ireland?

If you are apprehensive about relocating to another area or country because of a pet, you may be wondering how expensive it is to take your furry best friend with you.

Fortunately, many animal lovers choose to take their pets with them when travelling, and this has become a normal accommodation for airlines and home moving companies.


The cost of relocating a pet is dependent on many factors:

  • Where you are currently located
  • Where you plan to relocate to
  • The means you will be using to travel
  • How many animals you wish to relocate
  • Certification of the animals

Let’s look at what costs are involved and how you can prepare for them before relocating with your dog.


Distance Considerations

One of the biggest deciding factors of the cost of relocating your dog is the distance that you intend to travel. Your mode of travel is also a consideration, as certain airlines charge more than others for carrying an animal onboard.


Do your homework by contacting the airline you will be using and asking them about their rates for pet transport. They are likely to ask you the following questions before responding, so keep this information on hand:

  • The size of the dog
  • The weight of the dog
  • The type of dog


They may also ask you whether you are providing a crate for the dog, or if they should provide one for you.


Dog Certification

Relocating to another country means you will have to check that country’s particular pet relocation regulations, which will almost definitely include inoculation as well as pet-history-related certificates.

Some countries are stricter than others when it comes to the proper certification, so make sure you research that particular country’s requirements before making your budget calculations.

Once you have all this information, get the proper certification handy so that you won’t be caught without it later—which can cause unnecessary stress.


The Comfort of Your Dog

Another consideration is what you need to purchase to make your dog as comfortable as possible when relocating them.

A crate will more than likely be required, which will cost more if your dog is larger than a lapdog. Crates have varying price ranges depending on the size and brand you opt for.

There are also a number of medicinal assists you can use to keep your dog calm or sedated while travelling. In addition to these comforts, you may want to make sure you have the means to do the following:

  • Exercise your dog thoroughly before commencing travel. This is especially good for large dogs.
  • Have the means to keep your dog fed and watered during travel.
  • A comfortable bed or blanket while travelling.


Final Thoughts

Remember that if you have more than one dog, you will have to multiply these costs based on the types of dogs you want to relocate.

Once you have all your ducks in a row, relocating your furry friends shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

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