What Documents Are Needed For Pets To Travel In Europe?

Planning a trip to Europe and you want to take your pet with you? Preparing for any journey can be challenging in terms of paperwork, especially if you’re crossing borders.

It gets even trickier if you have to plan for your pet but we’ve got the perfect checklist for you.

When you travel in Europe with a pet, you simply need a few documents to present to the relevant authorities. Here’s a summary of all you’ll need.


Important Documents For Travelling With Pets

Pet Passport

You need to get a European pet passport for any animal you travel with. These are easy to obtain; simply talk to your vet. If he or she is authorised they can issue one for you.

This document will contain information on:

  • Pet description
  • Microchip details—all travelling pets must be microchipped
  • Owner information
  • Vaccination record

You only have to apply for this passport once in your pet’s life. It will stay valid as long as you keep rabies shots up to date.


Health Certificate

An EU animal health certificate is a second document that contains information like rabies vaccinations and basic data about your pet.

This certificate is only valid for a limited period, for example until a rabies vaccination expires.

The health certificate can have attachments, depending on the circumstances for travel:

  • Add a declaration that your pet is travelling for non-commercial reasons.
  • You’ll also need the above-mentioned declaration if your pet is travelling with someone else. In addition, the declaration must give permission to this individual to travel with your pet.


Documents To Travel With Multiple Pets

The guidelines stated above are relevant for travelling with up to five pets in total.

If you plan on taking more than five—as is often the case for people whose pets take part in competitions—you’ll need additional documentation:

  • Proof that the animals are older than six months
  • Proof that they’re travelling for an event or competition, in which case you’ll have to keep proof of their event registration on hand

If you can’t comply with these rules and you’re travelling with more than five animals, commercial import rules may apply, which can become much more complicated.


Proof Of Vaccinations

As mentioned above, your documents must contain proof of rabies vaccinations.

However, more vaccination rules may apply, depending on which country you’re travelling from and going to.

For example, when going to countries like Ireland or Malta from Norway, there are regulations pertaining to tapeworm treatments.

Do your research before you leave. These treatment details must usually be attached to your pet’s health certificate.


What Pets Are You Allowed To Travel With In Europe?

Please note that the documents mentioned above are relevant for dogs, cats and ferrets.

If you plan on travelling with any other animals, alternative rules may apply.

These rules will differ from country to country in Europe, so do you research before you start your journey.


Final Words

Now you know exactly what you’ll need for your pet’s European journey. That’s one thing less to worry about for your next trip. If you have any other travel questions, share them with us below.

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