What is the Best Way to Transport a Pet in a Vehicle?

Your pet is precious and when traveling with them in a vehicle you want to make sure they’re safe at all times.

Your responsibility as a driver means being able to keep your eye on the road with minimal disturbances from passengers, including your pets.

Whether you’re transporting your dog or cat, ensuring that they’re secure keeps you and other passengers safe too.

The law in many European countries, including Ireland, now stipulates that all pets must be properly restrained when traveling in a vehicle.

This is to prevent any distractions to the driver and injuries to both yourself and your pet if you have to stop suddenly.

Read on to find out what the best way to transport a pet in a vehicle.

Pet Containers

A pet container or crate is one of the best ways to transport your pet in a vehicle especially for smaller dogs and cats.

Select a crate that has been specifically designed for pets traveling in cars. These should be made with durable materials that can withstand an accident.

Your pet container should be big enough to accommodate your dog’s size comfortably and allow decent air flow and good insulation.

The crate should be placed securely so it doesn’t shift while the car is moving, going round corners, or whenever you brake.

Dog Guards and Barriers

Installing a dog guard is another safe way of restraining your pet while traveling in the car. A dog guard is a partition used to separate the rear end of the car from the car seats.

Your pet will travel in the boot of the car and the partition will stop them from climbing over into the passenger seats.

Dog guards and barriers keep your pets secure and prevent them from being hurtled forward should there be a head-on collision.

It’s essential to also include a non-slip mat in the boot area to stop your dog from sliding around the boot whenever the vehicle is moving, braking or turning corners.

Dog Car Seat Belt

A simple but secure way to transport your dog in the vehicle is to strap them in with specifically designed dog car seat belt.

These harnesses are designed to keep your dog restrained and safe on a car sea should there be an accident.

The other advantage of restraining your dog with a car seat belt is you can drive rest assured your pet won’t distract you and you’re abiding by the laws!

Final Thoughts

The next time you take a road trip and your pets are joining you for the journey, make sure they’re not traveling loose in the vehicle.

The same applies if you going down the road to take your dog for their walkies in the local park or your cat is having her annual checkup with the vet.

It not only makes sense to transport your pets restrained in your vehicle but it keeps you, your passengers and your furry friends safe at all times.

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